Final plan

With the conceptual design stages finalized, the final master plan will provide the client with all the necessary information already mentioned along with plant schedule, construction detail, elements, materials and finishes.

With the final plan complete, a construction quote is prepared for the installation of your new garden.

Concept Design

The concept plan of the garden project will include plan views, elevations and 3D drawings. Key design elements such as tree and plant species and material samples will provide and help clients with a clear and detailed visual of the new design.

At this point costings for the project can be formulated and provided with plan. If approved, a contract will be provided along with project details including a commencement date.

Design Consultation

The initial consultation provides us with a chance to meet our new client, to provide advice, gather information regarding their needs, requirements, garden style, and to undertake a full site analysis of the property.

From here, we take the client through the complete design process options with fee proposals, this generally takes around 1 hour. On site consultation cost is $150 per hour.